Posted by on March 22, 2016

RELEASED: March 21, 2016

“Allegedly, Assembly Democrats worked hard developing reform proposals for a year. The work they turned in to taxpayers, good government groups and their fellow legislators, however, reads like it was written during a frenzied all-nighter.

“They failed spectacularly. They missed the point.

“Their measures allow the same New York City power brokers to occupy leadership roles and committee chairmanships year after year. Their measures do nothing to empower rank-and-file members. Their measures do nothing to prevent hardworking families from supporting the retirement accounts of felony-convicted politicians.

“It is ironic that one of their few truly impactful measures, broadcasting committee meetings, was lifted from a Republican resolution they voted against earlier this year. It is emblematic of their mentality: Protect power at all costs. Change little, and only on our terms.

“New Yorkers deserve elected officials who will hold themselves to a much higher standard. Our conference will continue to push for reforms that will actually restore the public trust.”

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