Posted by on July 10, 2015

“New York City interests dominating our discourse. A focus on tenants at the expense of upstate homeowners. Downstate members under indictment for defrauding honest taxpayers.

“We may have a new speaker, but the end of this session feels frustratingly familiar.

“While the new speaker adopted soaring, feel-good rhetoric about reform and transparency, our Assembly Republican Conference got to work. In the wake of the Sheldon Silver scandal, our delegation offered safeguards to keep Albany insiders from amassing unilateral power. We drafted a resolution to enact term limits for the speaker, legislative leaders and committee chairs. We drafted another to broadcast all committee meetings. We proposed legislation to allow each member to bring one bill to the floor on behalf of hardworking families in their district. Our conference submitted a bill to strip pensions from all public officials convicted of a felony related to their work.

“New York City Democrats blocked them all.

“Assembly Democrats don’t understand that capping property taxes can be the difference that allows working-class parents to help their daughter buy books for college instead of telling her she needs another loan. Assembly Democrats don’t understand that cutting taxes on small businesses can be the difference that allows the owner of an ice cream stand to give a kid his first job. Assembly Democrats don’t realize that rolling back manufacturing regulations can be the difference that creates good jobs for New Yorkers instead of exploitative jobs overseas. Assembly Democrats have the audacity to say they’re creating opportunities for working families while they ignore thousands of them in my district.

“I will keep fighting. My Assembly Republican Colleagues and I will come back next session with fresh ideas about how to make our communities more attractive and affordable. We’re watching another session end with three men in a room yelling at each other about New York City. We hope New Yorkers will begin to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way.”

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