Building A Stronger County

Posted by on December 15, 2017

This year I fought for new funding to revitalize our counties roads, bridges and clean water infrastructure. We secured $7.9 million to maintain and repair local roads and bridges across Cayuga County. Nearly $1 million to repair our local roads and bridges damaged during severe winter storms. Over $840,000 for infrastructure projects in the City of Auburn and $2 millionĀ  for critical filtration upgrades to protect the drinking water in Auburn and Owasco. I know what investing in our county’s infrastructure means. It means our children’s school buses traveling on safe roads. Driving your family to their doctor’s appointments across a safe bridge. It means trusting the tap water you pour for your child. We can do so much more to energize our economy and build 21st Century infrastructure across our counties. Next session, I will be fighting with a bipartisan group of colleagues for additional funding to repair failing local bridges across the state. Secure new funding to protect the Finger Lakes and continue to push for funding increases for our local roads.

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