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Barely a week after Gov. Cuomo promoted himself as a bold tax cutter and financial visionary during his State of the State Address, a report from the Tax Foundation tells a very different story –- New Yorkers face the highest local and state taxes in the country.

“Families know it. Seniors know it. Small businesses know it, and we certainly know it as Republicans fighting in Albany –- our tax burden is outrageous,” said Finch.

While the property tax cap Finch delivered has controlled increases since the last fiscal year outlined in the study, he noted that costly mandates and expensive programming from
New York City Democrats continue to drive local property taxes and state income tax levies to levels he deems “totally unacceptable” for upstate families.

“The governor is essentially asking working families in my district to pay exorbitant tax rates that will subsidize degrees for illegal immigrants and foot the bill for his self-promotional economic development competitions and advertising campaigns,” said Finch. “I think it’s wrong, and it’s something I’ve been vocal about in Albany.”

Finch added that Gov. Cuomo’s oft-repeated slogan that New York State is “open for business” probably wouldn’t sit well with the economists at the Tax Foundation. Their 2016 State Business Tax Climate Index ranked New York the second-worst state in which to do business. “Not that this will surprise anyone, but our two worst scores on the index were for state income and property taxes,” said Finch.

Finch said his colleagues in the Legislature should focus on offering state programs that actually improve the quality of life for their constituents, such as increasing funding to combat the heroin epidemic.

Cutting other extraneous programs is the key to controlling spending and taxes, he said.

“It is not partisan,” said Finch. “Do I have a problem with discussing some kind of paid family leave program? Of course not. Do I think that financing an elaborate game show with families’ taxpayer dollars is the way we create jobs? I would rather just cut taxes on small businesses across the board and help them put their neighbors to work,” said Finch.

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