Posted by on June 24, 2013


            Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport) has introduced legislation to protect New Yorkers from having their privacy violated by the use of drone technology. Finch noted the rapid ontogeny of new technologies and recent privacy infringement scandals involving federal government organizations, such as the NSA and IRS, as the necessity the legislation.

            “When our Founding Fathers were developing the Constitution, they understood the fundamental and imperative need for each citizen to have their reasonable right to privacy protected,” said Finch. “In our modern world, technological progress is occurring at such an astonishing rate that ensuring one’s right to privacy, not only from an over intrusive government, but from other citizens is increasingly difficult to guarantee. For this reason, I believe we must be vigilant in updating our laws to safeguard this essential liberty.”

            Under current law, no person may use imaging or other data recording devices for the sake of surveillance or cataloging data only as it pertains to sexual purposes. This bill would expand and clarify the law to prevent an individual, private citizen or government employee, from using drone technology with recording capability to spy on another person where they have a logical right to privacy, such as in the comfort of one’s home or that of friends or relatives and the like.

            “In light of the recently exposed privacy infringements and the extraneous scrutiny of the public by federal organizations such as the NSA and IRS, I believe taking this step to protect citizens reasonable right to privacy is even more imperative,” said Finch. “If we fail to act, we run the risk of creating a dangerously uncomfortable and invasive environment.”

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