Posted by on July 10, 2015

Today, Assemblyman Gary D. Finch joined a growing contingent of business leaders and public officials who are dissatisfied with Start-Up New York’s staggering costs and lagging job creation.

“I would characterize Start-Up New York as a failure, and I think that assessment really transcends party affiliations and ideological lines,” said Finch. “When you spend an extraordinary amount of taxpayer money on a project, you are accountable for extraordinary results. When you spend $53 million on marketing for a job creation project that only creates a few dozen jobs, the ordinary response to that in the private sector would be a termination,” said Finch.

Finch believes the program should be suspended until Comptroller DiNapoli has completed a thorough audit of the project.

He also expressed misgivings about the message that Start-Up New York sends to existing businesses that have struggled to keep their doors open in New York State for years.

“It offends me that we’re bending over backwards to attract out-of-state businesses to tax-free zones when established family businesses have struggled for years under the yoke of New York State’s merciless tax code,” said Finch.

“Gimmicky competitions and expensive ad campaigns don’t create jobs,” said Finch. “If we want dynamic change, we need to shake up the fundamental way we do business in New York. We need real tax breaks and meaningful regulatory relief if we’re going to give our small businesses a chance to compete in a changing economic landscape.”

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