Posted by on December 29, 2017

In 2018, Assemblyman Gary Finch is going to Albany to create new pathways for hardworking families to reach the middle class and pass legislation that makes life a little easier once they do.

PROTECT THE FINGER LAKES: We treasure the Finger Lakes, the lifeblood of our region. Gary will be fighting for new funding to continue ongoing research efforts and implement new solutions to decrease nutrient loads, eradicate invasive species and stop the algae blooms that threaten our drinking water.

CONTINUE BATTLING THE HEROIN EPIDEMIC: Gary wants to make sure that insurance companies are complying with the new state regulations that require them to cover inpatient treatment for those struggling with addiction. He knows the state needs to increase its commitment to treatment, prevention and education programs. He’ll make sure law enforcement officials have the resources they need to work overtime cracking down on the traffickers who profit off of our families’ suffering.

WELFARE REFORM: Gary believes that hardworking families are asked to contribute too much of their paycheck to people who refuse to work at all. He’ll sponsor legislation that prevents people from taking advantage of the system by imposing limits on how long people can draw welfare. Temporary Assistance should be temporary.

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