Posted by on March 15, 2016

RELEASED: March 14, 2016

“In an effort to shift the progressive capitol of America from Vermont back to Manhattan, Assembly Democrats today passed a budget resolution that would generate fanfare at a Bernie Sanders rally but would fall flat on a balance sheet. It includes free college for illegal immigrants and premium health coverage to match. It includes new loopholes to make it easier to game the welfare system. It allocates taxpayer dollars to enforce the SAFE Act. It includes a $15 an hour minimum wage that would force job creators out of New York State. It authorizes reckless state spending increases paid for by $5.6 billion in new taxes.

“Republicans in the Legislature won’t let this happen. We’ll be fighting for a disciplined spending plan that addresses the needs of hardworking families. We can revitalize our infrastructure, support our schools and fight the scourge of the heroin epidemic without raising taxes. We will lift our neighbors out of poverty through smart economic development, not endless welfare spending. We have two more weeks to negotiate a final budget agreement. We’ll be working hard until we get it right.”

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