Much More Than An Assemblyman

Central New York is where Gary Finch raised his children, and where his parents raised him. He’s gotten to know a lot of the families around here. Gary has been a supportive big brother for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. He was president of Cayuga County’s United Way and consoled families as a Hospice volunteer. Gary is inspired to continue our fight for hardworking families in the New York State Assembly.

Protecting Our Finger Lakes

Our families have a right to safe, reliable drinking water. We treasure the Finger Lakes, the lifeblood of our region. Gary will be fighting for new funding to continue ongoing research efforts and implement new solutions to decrease nutrient loads, eradicate invasive species, and stop the algal blooms that threaten our drinking water. Working with NYS Senator Pam Helming, Gary was instrumental in securing $500,000  to purchase a new water filtration system for the Village of Aurora/Wells College water plant to keep harmful bacteria out of our drinking water.  Gary has also secured $65 million to protect our beloved Finger Lakes from harmful algal blooms.

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Leading With Compassion

Too many people in our community are suffering in silence. They are battling addiction. Too Often, it is a secret. They are fighting alone, in the dark. Gary is fighting to make it easier for them to step into the light. Gary has:

  • Secured over $200 million to combat the heroin and opioid epidemic
  • Tore down insurance barriers to rehabilitation
  • Expanded access to rehabilitation by creating over 2,000 new spots in state treatment programs
  • Tightened oversight on opiate prescription practices
  • Implemented continuing pain management education for physicians and new warnings about opiates for consumers at pharmacies
  • Participated in training to learn how to administer Naloxone and supported legislation to ensure it is covered by health

Ending Rigged Economic Development Programs

According to the New York State Comptroller’s Office, $8.6 billion in taxpayer-funded economic development funding has been doled out without adequate oversight and accountability. Gary knows this is wrong. Gary would rather cut taxes for the middle-class families, seniors, and small businesses. He would rather help family farms shoulder increasing labor costs, and he would rather invest in companies that will put Americans to work making American products.

Investing in 21st Century Infrastructure

Gary knows that New York State faces billions of dollars in unmet infrastructure needs. He will be fighting to deliver increased funding to repair  and maintain local roads and bridges and revitalize vulnerable water infrastructure. Investing in solid infrastructure means promoting public safety and creating the good jobs that will get our economy moving in Central New York. Gary has helped deliver over $500 million in state aid to revitalize locals roads and bridges.

Education and Keeping Our Children Safe

Gary knows that our students need to develop new skills to keep pace with our ever-changing global economy and also knows that we need to keep our children safe in our schools. Gary consistently advocates on reforming New York State’s funding formula to ensure upstate schools receive the aid they deserve to employ excellent teachers and afford top-notch resources for our children. Recently, Gary crafted legislation to create a New York State Police Training Academy that would graduate resource officers for each school in the state. With some of our most recent school tragedies, Gary knows how important it is to protect our children while they are at school.


Gary Finch is an ardent supporter of our right to bear arms. It’s why he was appalled when the SAFE Act was unleashed upon law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen. He voted against this unconstitutional measure and supports legislation repealing the onerous restrictions on gun owners, while ensuring that mental illness and wellness issues receive the proper attention and care they deserve.


Gary Finch entered public service to do what’s right, and make life better for the people in his community. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way about being an official. Gary believes corrupt politicians who break the public trust deserve to lose not only their position, but their cushy, taxpayer-funded pension and go to prison. Gary supports the toughest ethics package in the entire state, a measure being blocked by Assembly Democrats more interested in themselves and their interests than in restoring good government and mending the broken public trust.