Leading With Compassion

Central New York is where Gary Finch raised his children, and where his parents raised him. He’s gotten to know a lot of the families around here. Gary has been a supportive big brother for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. He was president of Cayuga County’s United Way and consoled families as a Hospice volunteer. Gary is inspired to continue our fight for hardworking families in the New York State Assembly.

Pathway to Success

BRM_5780 - Version 2Assemblyman Gary Finch has a plan to provide CNY’s young students with the tools they need to thrive in our ever-changing global economy. He wants to energize CNY’s commercial climate so that innovative businesses come here to grow. Gary wants today’s CNY students to become tomorrow’s CNY leaders.

Education for a Global World

Assemblyman Gary Finch has a revamped education agenda to ensure that CNY students can compete with kids all over the globe.

  • Higher Standards: Gary wants our children learning new skills, asking new questions and mastering new technologies. Gary will challenge our children to strive for excellence.

  • Fair Funding: Gary will work to reform New York State’s education funding formula to ensure that upstate schools receive their fair share of school aid. A child in Moravia deserves access to the same resources as a child from Manhattan.

  • Restore the Democrats’ Education Cuts: When the Democrats controlled the legislature and the governor’s office, they cut billions from upstate schools to finance a wasteful downstate agenda. To combat this, Gary Finch helped negotiate over $600 million of restorative funds into 2014 state budget. His top priority is restoring all of the cuts as soon as possible. If there is money for a brand new Tappan Zee Bridge, there needs to be money for upstate schools.

  • A Voice for Higher Ed: Gary currently serves on the Conference Committee for Higher Education and previously served as the chairman of the Cayuga County Community College Board of Trustees. He’s advocated for increased funding for CNY’s colleges and promotes education tax credits for families trying to make ends meet while supporting their children’s dreams.

Open for Business

BRM_5492 - Version 2As a successful small business owner for over four decades, Gary understands how important it is to spend wisely, invest in people and allocate resources with prudence. He has a plan energize our CNY economy.

  • Hold manufacturing taxes at 0 percent: Gary wants CNY to attract entrepreneurs who produce the technologies of the future and offer good paying jobs that blossom into fulfilling careers.

  • Cut Property Taxes: Gary wants to put a stop to the Assembly Democrats’ unfunded mandates that squeeze our local governments and drive up our property tax bills. Gary knows that our local businesses will hire more people if their fixed costs are lowered.

  • Hire NY Tax Credit: Gary wants to incentivize local businesses to provide more hardworking Central New Yorkers with good paying jobs.

Women’s Equality

Gary not only supports, but sponsors of all 9 Womens Equality Act bills previously passed by the state Senate. Equal pay for equal work has been the law of the land since 1963, and Gary Finch stands behind that. He knows that by passing the bills currently held up by Assembly Democrats that put an end to human trafficking, sexual harassment, and pay inequity, we can ensure all our sisters, mothers, and daughters receive the fair treatment they deserve.


Gary Finch is an ardent supporter of our right to bear arms. It’s why he was appalled when the SAFE Act was unleashed upon law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen. He voted against this unconstitutional measure and supports legislation repealing the onerous restrictions on gun owners, while ensuring that mental illness and wellness issues receive the proper attention and care they deserve.


Gary Finch entered public service to do what’s right, and make life better for the people in his community. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way about being an official. Gary believes corrupt politicians who break the public trust deserve to lose not only their position, but their cushy, taxpayer-funded pension and go to prison. Gary supports the toughest ethics package in the entire state, a measure being blocked by Assembly Democrats more interested in themselves and their interests than in restoring good government and mending the broken public trust.