Posted by on July 20, 2016

Encourages residents to share their ideas at July 26 meeting


Today, Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport) expressed disapproval of a new proposal from Democrats in the Cayuga County Legislature which would impose a new tax on vehicles.

If enacted, the measure would raise taxes on county residents by nearly half a million dollars.

Finch doesn’t believe it is fair.

“Asking working families to swallow another tax during a time when so many folks are struggling to get by and pay their bills is just wrong,” said Finch. “It is bad enough when New York City politicians work to increase taxes and spending across the state. It’s worse when it’s coming from your local government.”

Finch doesn’t believe budgets should be balanced on the backs of motorists who already pay some of the highest fuel taxes in the nation. He indicated that Democrats in New York have a spending problem that starts at the highest levels of government.

“We could lower our tax burden if we simply spent wisely,” said Finch. “The governor wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on a failed jobs program. That money should have been spent on mandate relief to help our counties and towns control costs. Instead of spending money on television ads to convince people the economy is working for them, we should cut taxes to make our region more attractive to entrepreneurs There is a culture of spend now and tax later on the other side, and working families are left footing the bill every time.”

“If all else fails, what is wrong with cutting our spending instead of raising taxes?” asked Finch.

In the Assembly, Finch sponsors the Mandate Relief for Counties Act, sweeping legislation which would shift major costs away from local governments and provide them with financial breathing room that they could pass on to property taxpayers. It was defeated by Assembly Democrats in Committee.

Finch said residents should attend the July 26 meeting of the County Legislature to make their voices heard.

“Stay engaged,” said Finch. “It is critical for people to participate and make sure their representatives know where they stand.”

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