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A Statement by Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport)

“This afternoon, Gov. Cuomo made it clear that he has identified the thorniest issues for upstate New Yorkers. The governor seems to understand that property taxes are putting a dent in the checking accounts of hard-working families and stifling the growth of small businesses and manufacturers. He knows that economic development is imperative to keep talented young people from fleeing our state.

“While I am pleased that the governor has developed a real command of the economic issues that face upstate New York, I was disappointed by some of the details regarding these proposals and look forward to working with my legislative colleagues to offer alternative solutions as we progress through the legislative session.

“The governor’s $1.5 billion upstate revitalization fund flashes a tantalizing name and an arresting price tag, but it is another cut-throat, regional competition. Three of upstate New York’s regions would receive substantial, $500 million grants. The remaining four will be left with nothing but rejected initiatives and dashed hopes. This hardly seems like an equitable, comprehensive way to catalyze our economy and create dynamic opportunities for hardworking New Yorkers. Competition works better in an open marketplace than in a government-engineered gimmick.

“Additionally, I am skeptical that offering credits to a limited number of New Yorkers is the best way to reduce our collective property tax burden. Instead, we need to work with municipalities to help them control costs and eliminate the stinging burden of unfunded mandates.

“Today, the governor offered new economic proposals riddled with complex conditions and a laundry list of qualifiers. I believe that many of the answers to these problems can be achieved through simple, common-sense solutions. We need bold tax cuts and sweeping regulatory reform to help visionary entrepreneurs see themselves here. We need to help hard-working families by offering sustainable property tax relief.

“I look forward to working with the governor and my legislative colleagues to re-shape and revitalize our upstate economy during the legislative session.”

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