Posted by on July 10, 2015

Today, Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport) encouraged the speaker to adopt the sort of broad-minded, inclusive approach to governing that he himself promised after assuming the chamber’s top position in February.

Finch said the speaker’s unilateral focus on rent control is troubling as the clock winds down on the 2015-2016 Legislative Session.

“Heastie said his current priorities were “rent, rent, rent and more rent.”
-Speaker Heastie to the Albany Times Union.

“The speaker should be proposing solutions to make all of our communities more affordable for working families,” said Finch. “If tenants in Brooklyn and Manhattan deserve rent control, homeowners in Camillus and Auburn deserve capped property taxes.”

Though Finch remains optimistic that some progress will be made before Wednesday, he is disappointed with how little has changed in the Legislature.

“The speaker said all of the right things after assuming leadership. He spoke of redefining the chamber and of increasing transparency. It’s sad to say, but very little has changed. There are still three men in a room, and the one representing the Assembly is still ignoring the needs of families north of the Bronx,” said Finch.

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