FINCH’S START-UP SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED Late Empire State Development report paints stark picture of governor’s signature program

Posted by on July 6, 2016


Long maligned as ineffective and unfair, Start-Up New York was dealt another blow recently when Empire State Development released a report detailing the program’s inefficiencies.

The governor’s signature initiative has created only 408 jobs despite millions spent in tax breaks for politically-connected businesses and a massive advertising blitz, much of which coincided with the governor’s campaign for re-election in 2014 and all of which was paid for by taxpayers.

Today, Finch renewed his call to shut down the failed program.

“We can’t keep throwing money at this just because the governor won’t admit it isn’t working,” said Finch. “Initially, we were all hopeful that Start-Up New York would be a successful public-private partnership that would be a part of a broader effort to cut taxes, reform regulations and put more New Yorkers to work. We’ve seen just the opposite. The administration keeps spending money on the ads, keeps delivering handouts to loyal donors, but they have skipped the hard work of real economic development. Our families are suffering for it,” said Finch.

Finch noted that each job created represents a cost of $232,843 to taxpayers.

“That is just flagrant,” said Finch. “The governor and Assembly Democrats authorized over $90 million dollars to continue running these ads even after the Comptroller’s audit last year. Taxing families in struggling communities to pay for propaganda designed to convince them that a failing jobs program is working is almost Orwellian,” said Finch.

Finch’s message to the governor is simple- we tried it your way, now let’s try it our way.

“The administration trusted bureaucrats to select projects that would revive our economy upstate. We’ve seen the results. Instead of delivering tax breaks to donors and huge out of state firms, why not cut taxes for all of the family businesses here that have been struggling to keep their neighbors on the payroll? Instead of spending $200 million on ads, why not deliver a $200 million tax break to middle class families? If we want tomorrow’s innovators to come to New York, we need to improve our business climate today.”

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