FINCH: INACTION UNACCEPTABLE Assembly Democrats block bills to lower property taxes

Posted by on March 27, 2014

RELEASED ON: February 11, 2014

Assembly Democrats wasted an excellent opportunity to mitigate the crushing onus of unfunded mandates today by allowing two bills to die in committee, noted Assemblyman Gary Finch (R,C,I-Springport).

These measures, A.6546 (The Taxpayer Protection Act) and A.6343 (bill providing a three year unfunded mandate moratorium) would have provided New York families with relief from escalating property taxes and codified common-sense spending limits that would prevent the state from recklessly passing budget overruns onto local municipalities.

“There are nine unfunded state mandates that account for 90 percent of local budgets,” said Finch. “Over the past twelve years, the Assembly Majority has voted 140 times to impose $94 billion in unfunded mandates on municipalities. This is why New York State’s hard-working families continue to face the most burdensome property tax rates in the nation.”

Assembly Bill A.6546 would have capped state spending growth at a sensible rate concurrent with inflation, as certified by the comptroller. Both A.6546 and A.6343 called for moratoriums on unfunded mandates.

“Unfunded mandates are crippling our local school districts and municipalities. They limit the breadth and quality of services that local governments can provide their citizens. These unfunded mandates are the direct cause of New York State’s outrageous property taxes,” said Finch.

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