Every New Yorker, male or female, deserves an equal chance for success. Whether it’s equal pay for equal work, an end to human trafficking and strengthening domestic violence and sexual harassment laws, we have more to do to ensure women are treated equally under the law and in our day-to-day lives. I sponsor a 9-part Women’s Equality Act that accomplishes this very task. As our Assemblyman, I’ve made it a priority; I plan on continuing that going forward.

Our communities are home to dedicated, hardworking men and women. I’m proud to have represented the burgeoning entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses that have existed here for generations.  I’ve made it my career to help these men and women and I promise to continue working to move our middle class forward, so good-paying jobs are created and maintained here.

Public service is who I am; it’s what I’ve dedicated myself to for decades. And the most important part of that service? The decent, dedicated men and women that make our communities vibrant. Working on your behalf in and out of the state Assembly has been my honor; I look forward to continuing serving with the compassion and drive that Central New York deserves.